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11 Photos That Will Make You Want To Spend Christmas in Maui

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There was a November where life was horrible. Family problems. Work problems. Love problems. I felt like every day was just one stressful moment after another.

One night, I was sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself. I knew that I needed to get away but I felt an obligation to go home for Christmas. And I didn’t really feel like going somewhere by myself anyways.

While trolling on Facebook, I stumbled across the picture of my friend Jen. Jen and I had gotten to know each other while we were both living in San Diego. Shortly after I moved to Utah, she relocated to Maui – and she had been bugging me to come visit her ever since.

For some odd reason, I had not obliged.

On a whim, I sent her a message. Was she going to be around the week before Christmas? Could I finally come and visit her?

She quickly replied. She was only going to be there a few days before heading back to the mainland for the holidays. But I was welcome to come and stay as long as I wanted. Her house was open.

Before I had time to think, I switched over to look at flights. There was one that would allow me to leave Utah right after my last day of work, spend a week in Maui and still make it home for the holidays. And it wasn’t badly priced.

Determined to not overthink it, I pushed buy. A month later I left snowy Utah behind.

That week in Maui was full of rejuvenation. From the lazy afternoons at the beach basking in the sunshine, to treaking through the jungle looking for the perfect waterfall, I felt my spirit replenish and my soul lighten.

And who can resist a Santa using dolphins to pull his sleigh?

To help you catch the vision, here are 11 photos that will make you want to spend Christmas in Maui.

Christmas in Maui

Maui palm trees

Maui dessert

Maui rainbow

maui horizon

Maui Santa

Maui rocky beach

Maui waterfall

maui rainforest

Maui beach

Maui sunset

What would you do first?

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