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5 Ways to Find Motivation to Write Your Blog Post

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Does this sound familiar to anyone? You sit down to write your new blog post. Perhaps you even have an idea in mind. But then, staring at the blank page, you decide to check your email. Or finish one of your sharing threads. And hey, that laundry really needs to be put in the washer. Before you know it, it’s the end of the day (or night) and you have yet to write a single word.

With all the different things that go into blogging, sometimes the actual writing of the blog post is the hardest thing to do. (I won’t lie – I’ve had 7 things try to distract me already, just writing this introduction). And yet, as the foundation of your site, it couldn’t be more important. When you find yourself unable to drum up any enthusiasm for the task at hand, here are 5 ways to find motivation to write your blog posts.

Remember Why You’re Blogging

I have a stickie note on my computer that has a quote from the musical Hamilton – “I’m going to write my way out.” Goals for self-sufficiency and the desire to be in control of my own life led me to start my blog. Having that note as a reminder helps me find the motivation to keep writing even when there doesn’t seem to be any spark of idea.

Maybe yours started as a passion. Maybe it started as a side hustle to pay your bills. Whatever it is, the original reason that pushed you to start your blog is a fountain that you should tap over and over again. To help keep it front and center, create a reminder of that initial impulse, whether it is a quote, a photo, a vision board, etc.  Then, put that reminder on your computer, your wall, your phone – anywhere where you will see it (and see it often).

Give Yourself a Reward

Rewards are not just for kids! If you’re having a hard time sitting down and writing your blog post, promise yourself a reward once you finish. It can be as simple as watching your favorite show, indulging in a piece of chocolate, or reading a few chapters in your latest book. The details of the reward are much less important than whether or not it makes you happy.

Use Your Most Productive Time

I don’t know about you, but there are definitely some hours of the day where I am a more effective writer than others. One of the great pieces of advice that I got from the blogging course I took from It’s a Lovely Life is to prioritize your tasks by time. For me, my creative juices are best in the morning and the evening, so that is when I try to do all my writing. The hours where I would most likely be spending staring at the blank screen (for me, the afternoon), I spend on other tasks, such as social media sharing or emails.

Get Rid of Distractions

Sometimes I sit down with lots of motivation, but then I see that I have a new email or Facebook notification. Even though I may promise myself to only spend “a minute,” the distraction is enough to completely derail me. To keep my motivation strong, I close tabs on my computer, close my email, and turn off notifications on my social media. When I really need to focus, I will even leave my phone in the other room. Removing all these potential distractions allows me to keep focused and my motivation high.

Give in to Temptation

Do you remember a time when you were trying to be super healthy? Maybe you cut out sugar. Or carbs. Or dessert. And then, one night, it hits you. The mother of all cravings. You want a brownie. You need a brownie. A brownie is all you can think about. (I now need to make some brownies!)

But, it doesn’t fit in your plan. So you try to circumvent it. You eat something “approved.” And then something else. And something else. Nothing works. And after eating a lot of calories that you didn’t want in the first place, you give in and eat the brownie.

Sometimes, it’s better to give into the temptation. If you are so distracted by the desire to do something besides writing your blog post that it’s impossible to focus – do it. Set a timer and give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to indulge and get it out of your system. Then, once you’ve read that article or watched that show or ran that errand, you can return refreshed and focused on the task at hand. Otherwise, you risk losing even more time doing things you don’t really care about (like getting lost in social media land) as you continue to avoid the task at hand.

Try it Out!

Motivation can be a tricky thing. To help you find your motivation to write your blog posts, try these 5 simple tricks. They will help you keep your motivation high and (most importantly) get the words on the page.

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Do you have any tricks to keep your motivation alive? Share them in the comments below!

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  • Tamalyn L.

    Janine! I’m so grateful to have found your blog! You are just hilarious and your blog posts are such easy and informative reads – I’m enjoying reading them!!

    I also use rewards to motivate myself to finish! And they are all three you mentioned! Chocolate being in the forefront there!!!

    When I sit down to write my post, I put my phone on silence mode and set the timer for 30 minutes at a time. My blog is image heavy (being a photographer it is SO hard for me to whittle down to my absolute favorite images as I feel attached to all of them – or maybe all with my kiddos in it….hmmm), so 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time to rapidly edit them and get some of my thoughts added. When time is up, I reset and keep going or use that opportunity to stretch, get a drink of water, and assess how many more 30 minute increments it will take to finish the post. If I need a break and need to step away, I don’t feel as guilty because I feel I’ve accomplished my mini goals. Which then motivate me to keep going when I return! Thanks for this great post!

    • Janine

      Thanks Tamalyn! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog and thank you for your kind words.

      I love the idea of setting your timer and working in 30 minute increments. I’m totally going to give that a try!

      And chocolate is also my favorite reward 🙂

    • Janine

      That’s a great idea. I tend to do my workouts first thing. They help me get focused and I find I’m more productive afterwards.

  • Emma Riley

    I am not a writer nor a blogger but these are great tips in writing a blog. I am definitely can write if there’s a lot of distraction around me so I choose to do it during night time when everyone are fall asleep.

    • Janine

      That is very true. The blank page can be so intimidating. Sometimes getting started is the biggest obstacle. I too find that once I get “in the zone”, then it’s hard to stop.

  • Natalia

    Those are great tips. I very often have so much ideas in my head but is so difficult to actually seat down and start wrighting. I will try those this weekend:)

  • andrea

    this is exactly what I needed. I have to admit that after a while I do get into a place where I don’t have the motivation or inspiration to write so this is a great way to find motivation. I do like getting into nature it helps a lot.

    • Janine

      I’m glad to here it. Getting started is often the hardest part. And I agree – nature is a great way to clear the brain and focus.

    • Janine

      Kudos to you for being disciplined enough to get up that early to take advantage of your most productive time. That’s really amazing.

  • Terri Beavers

    If your tips will help me this week, I’m going to give you a virtual hug. I’m so unmotivated right now, and I know it’s because of some concern around some health issues that are causing it. I needed your tips to make me realize that I need to keep on keeping on and just get a new motivational cause going.

  • Jessica Martin

    I definitely needed to read this. I’ve been feeling really distracted lately and my focus has been somewhat lost. This week I plan to carry this advice out, especially remembering why I blog. Thank you for giving me some motivation through your post.

  • Hollie

    I’ve found for me, I have to remember why I blog. If I am not enjoying something I think it’s time to let it go. I do it for me and me alone…I always appreciate people reading but at the end of the day, it is for me.

  • Season

    Great article! I hadn’t thought about keeping WHY I’m blogging in the front of my mind but that’s great! I have to have it quiet too….early mornings and evenings when my boys are in bed work best! Nothing makes it harder to write than hearing “Moooommmm” while I’m trying to concentrate! Xoxo

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