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9 Photos That Will Make You Want to Journey to Byron Bay, Australia

When my little sister was working as an au pair in Brisbane, Australia, there was no way that I wasn’t going to fly over and visit. While Australia had never been on the top of my travel list, I figured, hey, why not? Boy was I in for a surprise. I was quickly overwhelmed by the vast beauty of the country and couldn’t wait to explore as much as possible.

One of our explorations took us to Byron Bay. About 103 miles south of Brisbane , Byron Bay is tucked into the northeast corner of New South Wales. In fact, Cape Byron, which is a headland connected to the town, is home to the most eastern point of the Australian continent! Basically, it’s begging to be a photo opportunity.

Byron Bay itself has a stunning lighthouse that overlooks rocky cliffs and incredible ocean panoramas. It’s a bit of a (easy) hike to get to the top, but the views are totally worth it. I could have stayed at the top, soaking in the sites, all day long. There’s also a few trails that lead you down closer to the water.

Once you’ve hiked the lighthouse, there is still plenty to do. Just a short drive away, there are also several beaches. (Just make sure you watch out for any koalas on the road!) Even though it was the middle of the Australian winter, it was full of surfers, snorkelers, and sunbathers. It was easy to catch a bite to eat, soak up some sun, and have a little bit of fun with the seagulls.

I had so many gorgeous photos that it was hard to cut it down. But here are 9 photos that will make you want to journey to Byron Bay, Australia.

Byron Bay Australia

Surfer at Byron Bay Australia

Byron Bay Lighthouse

View at Byron Bay

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay surferByron Bay birds

View at Byron Bay

Koalas at Byron Bay

What interests you most about Byron Bay?

Another great pin for my travel map!

Byron Bay Australia Map

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Why You Need to Go To Byron Bay Australia


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