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How to Get More Done in Less Time

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If you’re like me, one of the reasons that you started blogging (or any entrepreneurial dream) was to have a passive income. Passive income means that your blog (or other business) makes money even when you’re not working (i.e. the opposite of being paid only when you are “punched in.”)

However, most bloggers and entrepreneurs I know quickly learn a dirty little secret: it takes a lot of time. From writing posts, to sharing those posts, to searching for sponsored opportunities, to building your social networks, to working with affiliate networks, the list of possible things to do seem endless every day.

While it is true that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, I found that I spent more time on it then I really needed to due to my own lack of preparation and planning. To help myself get back to the idea of “passive”, it was necessary to learn how to get more done in less time.

Get More Done in Less Time

What does that actually mean? It means that I wanted to spend less time everyday actually working on my blog, while, at the same time, I wanted it to be more effective. I wanted to write more posts, have more social media followers, and make more money. The only question I had was, is that actually possible?

I’m happy to say that it is. Through some trial and error, I’ve focused on three traits that allow me to be more productive in less time. They are:

Time Block

Many people claim they are wonderful multitaskers. I’m not saying they aren’t. But from my personal experience, it is very difficult to do multiple tasks at the same time. Or, at the very least, to do them well.

Time blocking, for me, has been instrumental is being more productive in less time. While many people talk about it, I stumbled across the idea from The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris (a must read for any blogger or entrepreneur – it’s full of so many great tips on how to be more productive in less time).

The idea behind time blocking is that you pick a task and give yourself a specified amount of time to work on that task. For example, giving yourself one hour to write a blog post. Then, during that hour, all you do is write that blog post. You don’t check email. You don’t see how your social media is doing. You just sit down and write.

Time blocking is great because it allows you to focus. And when I focus on one task, I find that I can do a more quality job in less time. I’ve also found that putting a tight deadline actually improves my productivity because I have no time to spare. Does it usually take me an hour to write a post? Then I’ll only give myself 45 minutes. The pressure causes me to work faster and smarter – and I often find that, not only can I get it done in less time, but I often do better work.


One of the things that make time blocking possible with blogging is to delegate certain tasks. Take social media. It’s not actually a good idea to post all your social media for the day (or week) in 30 minutes on Monday morning. Social media thrives by continuous interaction throughout the day. But that continuous interaction throughout the day goes against the productivity that time blocking allows.

Which is why delegating is so important. The two social media platforms that I have found work the best for my blog are Pinterest and Twitter. So I want to make sure that both those accounts are as active as possible. Which means I depend on Tailwind and Revive Old Post.

Tailwind is a posting app for Pinterest. Basically it allows you to sit down for 30 minutes and schedule all your posts for the week (or month). It sets it up so that they are posting throughout the day (and even schedules the pins to post and the most optimal times for traffic). They even have a new SmartLoop feature that will automatically schedule your most popular posts (saving you even more time). My engagement on Pinterest has skyrocketed since I started using Tailwind and I spend dramatically less time on it than ever before. You can get a free trail with Tailwind (which gives you 100 free pins) by clicking here.

Revive Old Post is a posting app for Twitter. Like Tailwind, it will schedule posts so that your Twitter feed is alive and active. It even can be set up to automatically go through your old posts and tweet them out. This help keeps engagement up for your entire site – even those posts you wrote a year or two ago. You can get a free trial with Revive Old Post by clicking here.

Close the Distractions

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time on my computer. And my computer is where I find most of my distractions. From a notification that I have a new email, to my twitter feed continuously showing me new tweets, it can be extremely difficult to focus on the task at hand. Which is why, when I time block, I close everything else on my computer. I close my email app, I close my social media, and I close my messaging app. I will also leave my phone in the other room (on silent).

Once everything is closed, I find it much easier to focus. With no distractions pulling my focus, I can work faster and better. And, more often than not, when I open things back up, I find that I haven’t missed anything important.

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you get to spend time writing and sharing things you are passionate about. If done correctly, it also allows you to work less so that you have the time to do those very things you are passionate about! With a few steps of planning and preparation, it is possible to enjoy a passive income by being more productive in less time.

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Do you have any go-to productivity tips? Share them in the comments below!

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How to Get More Done in Less Time


  • Karie

    I love time blocking. When I stick to it I love it. It allows me to do things and not feel guilty because I have a designated time for everything and know that I will have time later for those things I feel guilty not doing at the time.

  • Tricia Snow

    Great tips! Most people have no idea how much time blogging takes and you must be consistent. I let some of my social media go in December when my daughter had her first child and my engagement took a nose dive!

  • Alison

    Love this post. As a mom with 3 young children, also starting my own blog, time management is difficult sometimes. I will keep these tips in mind.

    • Janine

      I’m so glad you found it helpful! I’m the same way in terms of distractions. These tips have really helped up my productivity (and my free time!)

    • Janine

      I get it. I also suffer from the fear that if I don’t do it myself, it won’t be done right. Part of the process is figuring out what you’re comfortable delegating.

    • Janine

      Thanks! And it’s definitely worth a try. I’ve found that it helps me be much more productive (and gives me much more free time!)

  • Lauri

    This is such relevant information for anyone. I definitely need to close those distractions. I love checking off the boxes and find making lists works for me.

  • Meagan

    This was really helpful. I need to be better about blocking my time and focusing on one task at a time. I think that’s what I’m doing (on paper that’s what my day looks like) but I have a million tabs open and my phone buzzes and I end up doing a million things at once without really getting that much done.

  • Susan Franklin

    Great tips. I’ve definitely started trying to time block, but need to do a better job with it. I also just started Tailwind and it has helped as well. My husband helps with our blog and he does all the other social media work, but I still struggle to get things done! I’m still allowing distractions. I wish I had a great productivity tip to add right now, but alas, I’m still working my way to finding it! I think I want to start trying to mind-map my posts and see how that helps me organize those so I can write better and faster. Your post helped. Thank you!

  • Amber Dunn

    This is a great reminder. I’m all over the place when I don’t manage my time properly. Time blocking is something I’ve been trying to get into and work on doing more often.

  • Chelsea

    Great tips! Especially time blocking. I really need to implement this into my day. I always sit down to write and get distracted and nothing gets done of importance.

  • Dana

    Thank you for this!! I struggle immensely on the time management of blogging, my housework, my daughter/pets and my full time work. I REALLLYYY want to make this blog work, as I have a lot of bills that need to be paid and travel ideas that need to be fulfilled LOL!

    I am a teacher, so the block timing should resonate with me but I struggle at home. I have thought about going to the library and spending a total of 2 hours there and whatever I get written is then done for a week or two. I need to implement that plan. My social media accounts are growing, but I need to increase my written work as well 🙂

  • Kyndall Bennett

    I really like this! I just started blogging this year (two weeks in woohoo!) and one of the biggest challenges I have encountered has been maintaining content while still working a 9-5 job. Fortunately, as a Multimedia Designer, I can use some time to create content whenever projects are in a slow period, but it’s great to see that I can use these apps to schedule content once everything starts to pick up again!

  • Danelle

    Great topic!! Love your tips too… I really find the distractions the one that is hardest for me. Especially when it comes time to research and that sometimes takes place on facebook .. eek! LOL

  • Tanya

    Great tips! Time management is my biggest blogging challenge right now. I actually picked up The 4 Hour Workweek from my library but haven’t found time to read it yet! This week I’m going to get more organized and start putting some of these time saving tips into action. Thank you!!

  • Monica

    Time blocking is a great idea. I feel I am a great multi tasker but sometimes I end up doing a little bit of everything instead of getting something completed but less. If that makes sense? lol

  • Alisha

    I’m so happy I read this today! I am just now getting back into blogging (since early December) and I have been struggling with getting everything I want to be completed. I will definitely be trying out the time blocks!

  • Nikki

    Aren’t these all the Truth! I finished both my degrees with online programs and if I hadn’t learned the above I would have been doomed! On the bright side all those skills have helped me while now Blogging. Time Blocking is essential – I have learned to treat those blocks of time as if I was at work (because really I am) now if I could just get the other people around me to realize I am actually working!

  • Kayli

    Thank you for sharing your tips! Having enough time is always a struggle 🙂 I’m a new blogger and managing a part-time job plus my blog, and all of the rest of life, so this was very helpful!

  • Cindy

    I love this! I time block everything because if I don’t I feel like I don’t accomplish near what I set out to accomplish. I love that you share the apps for twitter and Pinterest. I’m still figuring out how Pinterest works and tailwind will come in really handy. Thanks again!

  • Shreya Shanker

    I loooove delegating. That’s why I’m going to buy a year of Tailwind as soon as I get my next paycheck! It’s so easy to not have to worry about Pinterest and Instagram when I’m thinking about my social media posting.

    Time blocking is also so great – if I tell myself I only have a certain amount of time to do something, you can bet it’ll get done way faster.

  • Katie

    I’ve heard people talk about time blocking, but I should probably try it! A post can sometimes take me all day, I wonder if setting time limits will help me be more efficient.

  • Cristina | SaturdayGift

    Such great tips! I’m also a fan of the book: The Four Hour Workweek, and time blocking has completely changed the way I work. I love your ideas to close the distractions, like leaving the phone to the other room. What a great tip! I’m going to try it immediately!

  • Shanna

    Yes to closing the distractions! That is my biggest challenge! I’m a work from home mom and I’m constantly doing 10 things at once! Haha. I just don’t even know if I want it to be different bad enough to figure out what it means to change. Haha. We’ll see!

  • T.M. Brown

    I absolutely love the idea of time blocking, but just cannot get myself to commit yet! Uggh! I also need to start scheduling with Tailwind. I have heard so many amazing things about it.

  • Ruth Iaela-Pukahi

    I’m going to have to check out Tailwind! Thanks for the tip! Today I’m giving blocking out time a shot with focus on not letting things distract me. I feel so much more successful…of course kids still do interrupt but not my own distractions of social media and games. 🙂 Gonna pin your post! 🙂

  • jen

    Time blocking is a great idea! I find it’s a very effective method as well. Every one seems to love Tailwind. It’s on my list to check out! Thanks for the tips!

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