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12 Photos That Will Inspire You to Take a Day Trip to Leeds Castle

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I never imagined myself as a princess. Sure, I loved a good Disney movie. I may even have had a daydream or two about joining the royal family, but never have I truly wanted to be the one with the tiara on her head.

Until now.

While in London, Nathan and I decided to take a day trip out of the city. We wanted to explore more of what England had to offer, and see some of its famous landmarks. The trip we took was a tour that went from London to Leeds Castle to Dover to Canterbury.

Now, to be completely honest, the reason we chose this particular tour is because I wanted to go to Dover. The white cliffs of Dover are such a romantic setting in so many movies and BBC shows, that I wanted to get the chance to walk them myself. Ironically, that part of the tour was the most disappointing (due to the tour, not due to the cliffs). But nothing prepared me for how thrilled I would be by our first stop.

Leeds Castle.

Tucked away in Kent County, Leeds Castle is touted as the loveliest castle in the world. And they are not kidding. Built in the 12th century, it has been the home of many an English queen (including Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s unfortunate first wife). Leading society hostess Lady Baillie bought the house in 1926, completely restoring the castle and turning it (with it’s 20 guest rooms!) into one of the most exclusive party houses in England.

The castle and the estate are now part of a historical foundation, which means its open for tours and events. And if Nathan and I weren’t already married, I would have definitely tried to convince him to have our wedding here!

After touring the castle, we wandered around the estate. From the lake, to the gardens (with the famous maze featuring an underground grotto that you have to see to believe), to the many offered activities, it was a perfect day. We may have even joked that we had found our new country home. And I may have secretly wished that we weren’t joking.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are 12 photos that will make you want to take a day trip to Leeds Castle.

Leeds castle

View of Leeds Castle

Leeds castle chapel

Leeds castle from the lake

Leeds castle terrace

Leeds castle gardens

Leeds castle maze

Leeds castle grotto

Leeds castle pergola

Leeds castle drawbridge

Leeds castle gate

Leeds castle grounds

Couldn’t you just see yourself living here? Where would you spend your time at Leeds Castle?

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