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The Secret to Creating the Perfect Travel Bucket List

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Most people have a travel bucket list. These lists are about inspiring you to take an adventure and see the world.

But how does one find places to put on that bucket list? Is it just places you’ve heard of? Inspirations from the travels of your friends? The discovery of new locations from blogs such as this one?

All of those are certainly possible. But there is actually a more fun way. Here’s a look at the secret to creating the perfect travel bucket list.

For me, the perfect travel bucket list is created when the locations have meaning. Instead of just checking off boxes of the world’s most popular destinations, I like to find places that I feel connected to.

It all started on a backpacking trip through Europe with two friends. Each of us were responsible for the planning of different cities. When we were in Marseille, the friend in charge hadn’t done that great of a job planning, which meant we were a little lost as to what to do. While finishing up a late lunch, the waitress mentioned that it was possible to take a boat ride out to Chateau D’if, the infamous prison that held Edmond Dantes (aka the Count of Monte Cristo).

There was just one trip left that day, which left in 10 minutes. We bolted from the restaurant, running down the harbor like crazy women until we reached the dock. A few minutes later we were out on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean, heading towards our adventure.

Château d'If

Why were we so excited? Well, the other friend and I (i.e. the ones who hadn’t been in charge that day) were, at the time, obsessed with the movie The Count of Monte Cristo. We had watched it multiple times together, and couldn’t believe that we were going to actually get to set foot in the fortress that gave birth to a legend.

That experience was so special, that once I returned home, I began looking for other locations to visit based on my favorite movies and television shows.

That’s right! I create my bucket list from the entertainment that I watch. However, since we travel so often, my husband and I decided to cut the cable cord. Which means I need a different way to experience my movies and television. So I find most of my next adventures through my Google Chromecast from Best Buy.

Google Chromecast

Why Google Chromecast? Because it is designed to connect the apps and entertainment that I have on my phone (such as Netflix and Hulu[1]) and display it on the big screen. All I have to do is plug Google Chromecast into the HDMI port on my TV and, with a single tap, I can stream my favorite movies, shows, live TV and YouTube on the big screen. I can even pull up pictures from recent trips on my phone and put them on the television so everyone can see them!

How has this worked? Well…

A love affair with BBC’s Sherlock Holmes led us to 221B Baker Street.

221B Baker Street

Swooning over the opera scene in the Bollywood Classic Dil Chata Hai caused me to buy a ticket to the Sydney Opera House.

Salivating over the food created by chef Fabio on Bravo’s Top Chef led me to eat at his Los Angeles restaurant, Firenze Osteria.

Firenze Osteria

And so much more! My bucket list is littered with cities, events, restaurants, buildings and experiences that have been triggered by the entertainment streaming on my Google Chromecast. A list that, luckily, grows longer almost every time I turn on my TV.

¹ Subscriptions are required to view some content.

Have you ever been inspired in your travels by the entertainment you’ve watched? Share your stories in the comments below.

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  • Tanya

    I love this idea! We are about to head to Mackinac Island in Michigan, but before we left I had to watch the old movie “somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeves. Now I can’t wait to see specific locations that were featured in the movie!

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